Sunday, August 22, 2021

Its 4am and I can't sleep...WTF

    I decided to write a little bit on here since I can't seem to stay asleep, to me there is nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep. I dont even think an Ambient could slow me down in my head enough to sleep. Life moves so fast and I often feel like I am missing out on it, while I am asleep, is that weird or what? My next tactic is to watch some really boring Netflix documentary and see if that puts me down for a little bit.

On another note, Since I am 43 I had to get my prostate checked, YAY! No not really they just drew some blood and want to see my PSH levels to see if the little guy is swollen.  I suspect that he is, simply because of the problems I have had with going to the restroom, I can feel like I have to go SOOO bad, but nothing comes out and I feel like I am going to shit on myself.  Something tells me that is not normal by any stretch of the imagination.  I got a prescription for FLOmax so hopefully I will sound like my roomate when he goes, its like he hooks a hose up to the shower and unloads on that seemingly innocent piece of porcelain.  I read the side effects for FLOmax and they suck, "may cause severe dizziness and low blood pressure throughout the day?" WTF who wants that problem on top of not being able to take a decent piss unless I have had 20 tall boys, and I dont even drink anymore.

Well, I ran out of shit to say too fast and want to find something to watch on Netflix so just so everyone knows I am NOT in jail and I am actually doing pretty good.  I am grateful to my family and to the Freeman House for helping me get to where I am today!

Have a a great blessed Sunday,

The Lauterblogger

Friday, April 2, 2021

I never thought I would see this!

Well, things are finally changing in Plano.  When I was growing up and when I used to smoke marijuana I was super paranoid about going to Plano and getting pulled over for having a few doobies in the car for fear of the hyper vigilant Plano Police force. In memory of my good buddy Shaun Kelley (RIP) "They finally did it brother, it seemed impossible but it has happened bro!"  I suppose it is about right seeing how our country is becoming more lax on marijuana laws. It just makes logistical sense, now I dont advocate that people go out and smoke bud, but I dont think that people should be clogging up the criminal justice system for having a little pot habit.  Its progressive and I imagine that many Plano citizens are going to be unhappy with Chief Drain. The bottom line is he is trying to save tax dollars.  If you figure how much it costs to incarcerate someone for a marijuana offense at Class A, it is exorbitant.  Class A misdemeanors have to be transported to the Collin County Sheriffs Office for processing as the City of Plano jail will not hold people for offenses above a Class B, and I even believe it may be anything above a Class C ticket.  Dont quote me on that, but I think that is how it goes.  I think this is good for the City of Plano, locking people up never gets them to stop using drugs, it simply does not work.  So I think this is a progressive police chief doing what he feels is best for the residents of Plano.  Lets back him up on this one.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

How Come Nobody Ever Comments?

The Sun: Intelligent Reading


 Looking for something intelligent to read?

I discovered this little gem while in the joint.  I found out they give free subscriptions to convicts so I wrote for one.  I didn't have much hope for this magazine being that it was free, but how I was wrong.  Full of insight, love, compassion and vividly descriptive writings this quickly became one of my favorite publications.  Some of you may find this to be a little bit liberal, well frankly it is.  I like that this magazine focuses on the issues that affect the part of society that often gets overlooked. The downtrodden, convicts,and low income people are all written about in this magazine.  Not only are they written about they are often the writers themselves. Please support this magazine as it is completely ad-free and only gets money through paid subscriptions.  They gave me two years free while I was in the pen, so now I am a paid subscriber and want to help them by spreading the word. Its a great little read, and I highly recommend it.  Happy Reading!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

What is up with all these homeless people?

 The hotel I work at is swamped with homeless vagrants rooting around like hogs looking for a place to sleep.  They all are addicted to crack and they smell like death warmed over.  They sneak into the hotel and we find them in the laundry room, in the kitchen, just everywhere. They are like roaches, when you see one there are ten more that you don't see. I don't ever remember Dallas having such an issue with vagrants. Is this a consequence of Covid-19 crushing our economy?  Of course the economy does not seem crushed as the hotel is experiencing higher than normal levels of occupancy, I suspect as a result of the American Rescue Plan and the 1400 dollar stimulus check. I realize that many of these offenders are people with mental illness and addiction issues.  The thing is however that there is a lot of free mental health care in the City of Dallas, so why don't they go get it?  Do they like sleeping under Forest Lane and 75?  What drives someone to just give up on life like that? Perhaps I have just been blinded and now my eyes are opening up to this phenomenon.  But really people get your shit together, there is no excuse for this behavior.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What the Hell?

 Earlier this evening I was out with my family running some errands.  We just finished a nice dinner together and decided we needed to return something to Amazon.  So as we were pulling up to the store this is what we see:

What the hell is this?  I thought my brother in law was just being himself and making everyone laugh with his random hilarious outbursts.  Until I looked over and saw it too.  Is this how it is in North Dallas now?  You won't see this in the hood, no they just use an old fashioned douche bag and put some Alum in it.  But for right around 3000 dollars a woman can opt to "rejuvenate" her pretty parts.  I didn't know something like this even existed, but I must say that I am not surprised as science has found a multitude of ways to defeat the aging process and make us more plastic beings.  It makes you wonder if it really works.  Needless to say I did end up getting a roaring laugh out of this.  So here ya go ladies, if the drapes are drooping here is the solution!

Monday, March 15, 2021

History of Names

Nomenclature of Dallas Suburbs 

I thought this was pretty cool, just browsing around on the internet one morning I came across this little etymological discovery.  I knew some of the information about McKinney and Plano. I question that Plano is spanish as it is actually latin for "flat".  If you have ever had an eyeglass prescription sometimes it will be on there referring to the curvature of lenses.  It is however an interesting name and fitting too.  Sometimes you can find good stuff on the internet, like the history of Shaka Zulu!  Happy Surfing everyone.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Why do some people do what they do?

It amazes me the extent some people will go to.  Why would you break into someone's vehicle and then throw all of their stuff all over the parking lot?  I can only assume this was a vagrant or a drug addict that did something like that.  Is it really that bad that you cant get a job and work for a living, like most other people?  Ever since this COVID thing came about the homeless population in my city has grown exponentially.  I mean I have a lot of barriers to getting things done, but I persevere until it gets better.  How could someone let themselves get to that point in life?  I really don't have any empathy for someone that does that to someone else just because they need some drugs.  Nope, I am not going to help you if you do things like that to others. I don't care if you have mental issues or drug problems.  I have had both in my life and I never did something like that.  Geez people lets get it together, we don't need to treat each other like that.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

M1 Mac Mini, As Good as it seems?


 I just bought a new Mac Mini, Here are my thoughts...

    Apple Computers has been doing big things in the past 20 years.  One of them is the new Apple Silicon Mac Mini.  This machine is fast, I mean for the price it is ridiculously fast.  At $699 for the base model (8GB RAM 256 GB SSD) I personally think it is the best computer at its price point, even beating out some of the more expensive Intel models with more RAM.  The secret is Apple's (SOC) design.  It means "system on a chip" basically everything from Processor Cores to RAM to GPU are all contained within what used to be known as the CPU.  I decided to take the plunge as I have always wanted an Apple Computer and I must say that I am very happy.  I don't really get into all of the benchmarking because quite frankly I don't understand all of those confusing numbers, I just know that this thing is fast.  For anyone considering getting into the Apple Computer game, I highly recommend this little desktop.  The picture above is how I have my Mac Mini set up, It is on its side with a Jokitech stand that I bought for 20 dollars on Amazon and it really leaves very little footprint on an already cluttered desk.  Now, this only comes with the Power cord and the Mac Mini unit so you will need to have an external monitor, keyboard and mouse to go along with it. I will have some recommendations on those products soon.  Just a word to the wise, if you choose a wireless keyboard that is not the Apple Magic Keyboard, the Mac Mini will not recognize it at the login screen when you first set up the Mac Mini, I chose a Matias RGB Wired Aluminum Keyboard, as I am not a fan of Bluetooth keyboards because of the lag that often accompanies them.  This is well worth the 700 dollars it cost to buy and if you search online you may even find it for less than that, you just need to look.  Again, I highly recommend this little guy, he may be small but he is powerful!  

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money


Third Stimulus Check Coming?

It seems that our government intends to help people live off of others with the passing of a new stimulus bill. Personally I don't think we needed another check, but then again I live in a big city where except for the vagrant population the economy seems to be fine.  Perhaps I am just ignorant, which is likely. I mean I will take the money but I feel like I will eventually have to pay it back in one way or another.  Where does our country get the money for this anyway?

What is this all about?

 Getting Started...

    I suppose that I have always wanted an outlet to discuss things that interest me, so I thought to make a blog.  I have no idea what I am doing, but that is not the point so much as just getting my thoughts out there.  This thing will take many directions but I really want to keep it focused on the writing.  I may do reviews, connect videos of new products, and who knows what else. It should be fun and my views will become apparent readily.  So sit back, and enjoy.