Thursday, March 11, 2021

M1 Mac Mini, As Good as it seems?


 I just bought a new Mac Mini, Here are my thoughts...

    Apple Computers has been doing big things in the past 20 years.  One of them is the new Apple Silicon Mac Mini.  This machine is fast, I mean for the price it is ridiculously fast.  At $699 for the base model (8GB RAM 256 GB SSD) I personally think it is the best computer at its price point, even beating out some of the more expensive Intel models with more RAM.  The secret is Apple's (SOC) design.  It means "system on a chip" basically everything from Processor Cores to RAM to GPU are all contained within what used to be known as the CPU.  I decided to take the plunge as I have always wanted an Apple Computer and I must say that I am very happy.  I don't really get into all of the benchmarking because quite frankly I don't understand all of those confusing numbers, I just know that this thing is fast.  For anyone considering getting into the Apple Computer game, I highly recommend this little desktop.  The picture above is how I have my Mac Mini set up, It is on its side with a Jokitech stand that I bought for 20 dollars on Amazon and it really leaves very little footprint on an already cluttered desk.  Now, this only comes with the Power cord and the Mac Mini unit so you will need to have an external monitor, keyboard and mouse to go along with it. I will have some recommendations on those products soon.  Just a word to the wise, if you choose a wireless keyboard that is not the Apple Magic Keyboard, the Mac Mini will not recognize it at the login screen when you first set up the Mac Mini, I chose a Matias RGB Wired Aluminum Keyboard, as I am not a fan of Bluetooth keyboards because of the lag that often accompanies them.  This is well worth the 700 dollars it cost to buy and if you search online you may even find it for less than that, you just need to look.  Again, I highly recommend this little guy, he may be small but he is powerful!  

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