Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Sun: Intelligent Reading


 Looking for something intelligent to read?

I discovered this little gem while in the joint.  I found out they give free subscriptions to convicts so I wrote for one.  I didn't have much hope for this magazine being that it was free, but how I was wrong.  Full of insight, love, compassion and vividly descriptive writings this quickly became one of my favorite publications.  Some of you may find this to be a little bit liberal, well frankly it is.  I like that this magazine focuses on the issues that affect the part of society that often gets overlooked. The downtrodden, convicts,and low income people are all written about in this magazine.  Not only are they written about they are often the writers themselves. Please support this magazine as it is completely ad-free and only gets money through paid subscriptions.  They gave me two years free while I was in the pen, so now I am a paid subscriber and want to help them by spreading the word. Its a great little read, and I highly recommend it.  Happy Reading!

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