Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What the Hell?

 Earlier this evening I was out with my family running some errands.  We just finished a nice dinner together and decided we needed to return something to Amazon.  So as we were pulling up to the store this is what we see:

What the hell is this?  I thought my brother in law was just being himself and making everyone laugh with his random hilarious outbursts.  Until I looked over and saw it too.  Is this how it is in North Dallas now?  You won't see this in the hood, no they just use an old fashioned douche bag and put some Alum in it.  But for right around 3000 dollars a woman can opt to "rejuvenate" her pretty parts.  I didn't know something like this even existed, but I must say that I am not surprised as science has found a multitude of ways to defeat the aging process and make us more plastic beings.  It makes you wonder if it really works.  Needless to say I did end up getting a roaring laugh out of this.  So here ya go ladies, if the drapes are drooping here is the solution!

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