Saturday, March 20, 2021

What is up with all these homeless people?

 The hotel I work at is swamped with homeless vagrants rooting around like hogs looking for a place to sleep.  They all are addicted to crack and they smell like death warmed over.  They sneak into the hotel and we find them in the laundry room, in the kitchen, just everywhere. They are like roaches, when you see one there are ten more that you don't see. I don't ever remember Dallas having such an issue with vagrants. Is this a consequence of Covid-19 crushing our economy?  Of course the economy does not seem crushed as the hotel is experiencing higher than normal levels of occupancy, I suspect as a result of the American Rescue Plan and the 1400 dollar stimulus check. I realize that many of these offenders are people with mental illness and addiction issues.  The thing is however that there is a lot of free mental health care in the City of Dallas, so why don't they go get it?  Do they like sleeping under Forest Lane and 75?  What drives someone to just give up on life like that? Perhaps I have just been blinded and now my eyes are opening up to this phenomenon.  But really people get your shit together, there is no excuse for this behavior.

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