Friday, March 12, 2021

Why do some people do what they do?

It amazes me the extent some people will go to.  Why would you break into someone's vehicle and then throw all of their stuff all over the parking lot?  I can only assume this was a vagrant or a drug addict that did something like that.  Is it really that bad that you cant get a job and work for a living, like most other people?  Ever since this COVID thing came about the homeless population in my city has grown exponentially.  I mean I have a lot of barriers to getting things done, but I persevere until it gets better.  How could someone let themselves get to that point in life?  I really don't have any empathy for someone that does that to someone else just because they need some drugs.  Nope, I am not going to help you if you do things like that to others. I don't care if you have mental issues or drug problems.  I have had both in my life and I never did something like that.  Geez people lets get it together, we don't need to treat each other like that.

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