Friday, April 2, 2021

I never thought I would see this!

Well, things are finally changing in Plano.  When I was growing up and when I used to smoke marijuana I was super paranoid about going to Plano and getting pulled over for having a few doobies in the car for fear of the hyper vigilant Plano Police force. In memory of my good buddy Shaun Kelley (RIP) "They finally did it brother, it seemed impossible but it has happened bro!"  I suppose it is about right seeing how our country is becoming more lax on marijuana laws. It just makes logistical sense, now I dont advocate that people go out and smoke bud, but I dont think that people should be clogging up the criminal justice system for having a little pot habit.  Its progressive and I imagine that many Plano citizens are going to be unhappy with Chief Drain. The bottom line is he is trying to save tax dollars.  If you figure how much it costs to incarcerate someone for a marijuana offense at Class A, it is exorbitant.  Class A misdemeanors have to be transported to the Collin County Sheriffs Office for processing as the City of Plano jail will not hold people for offenses above a Class B, and I even believe it may be anything above a Class C ticket.  Dont quote me on that, but I think that is how it goes.  I think this is good for the City of Plano, locking people up never gets them to stop using drugs, it simply does not work.  So I think this is a progressive police chief doing what he feels is best for the residents of Plano.  Lets back him up on this one.


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